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Jawga Boyz

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To mix musical styles mostly leads to interesting sounds. That is certainly true for the Hick Hop sound of the redneck rappers the Jawga Boyz on their album Kuntry

Deers (Hinds) – Castigadas en el Granero

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Tim, Mark, Brendon and Cole playing "castigadas en el granero" from Deers. The song belongs to a single called BARN. the video was directed by Alex Delucas and the left hand of Carleone Films. it was shot by Alex and...

Ysabel Omega Bendicion

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Ysabel Omega is a roots reggae singer from Peru. She's also known outside her country. Apart from Peru she performed in countries like Mexico, Chili and Colombia

Otis Redding These Arms of Mine

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A young woman discovers the King of Soul, Otis Redding OFFICIAL WINNER AT GENERO TV With Chloé Larivière made by Nicolas Beauchemin and Anthony Cloutier They are two friends and collaborators on many projects. N...