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My name is Len. I am a Do it Yourself Musician and compose, play, record and produce my own music. I'm the sole member of the one man's band Mystic Doorstep. I am also the owner and creator of 123musicnow.com My new album The Siren's Serenade is now available for download

The Siren’s Serenade by Mystic Doorstep

'The Siren's Serenade' is now available. Download it from: iTunes ~ Google Play ~ Groove ~ Amazon

Wonderland (single) – by Mystic Doorstep

My first single Wonderland download on iTunes

Travelers Dub (soundtrack)

Travelers Dub is a soundtrack to a series of videos from a journey through South America. The videos take you from the atlantic to the pacific ocean. Some tracks were especially written for the 'movie', others are...

lyrics ‘Under Your Spell’ by Mystic Doorstep

I don't know why I'm feeling this way a burning lust to come out and play the music flows and the melody grows the troubadour 's alba at the dawn of day When a cool breeze calls the sun to rise, ...

lyrics ‘Dark End of the Day’ by Mystic Doorstep

will you ever go down down down into the town town town where the angels would kneel down and cry and tell the stories of the great wonder why The angel said: when you walk on the road of life you can see...

Lyrics ‘Catch a Ligthning Ray’ by Mystic Doorstep

When I feel the lightning wanna strike me today and rains of confusion are coming my way I will be running find a place to hide on the slippery roads I try to stride I gotta keep on going along the way...

Lyrics ‘Knocking at my Door’ by Mystic Doorstep

At dawn she came to town in a white light velvet gown When the sun rose upon her face My eyes were blinded by beauty and grace and when i opened my eyes again the day looked brighter than ever when th...

Mystic Doorstep – Under Your Spell

Openings track from my new album 'The Siren's Serenade' Since I doubled my voice, I thought it was a good idea to double the singers too :) download: https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-sirens-serenade/id1052638712

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Movie by Mystic Doorstep

Eight videos take you on a journey through south America from one ocean to the other...video's and music composed, played, recorded by Mystic Doorstep. Paraty / Brazil (song: Far away) Iguazu Falls / Brazil / Ar...

Mystic Doorstep – Wonderland

The video was filmed on Easter Island by Len. Music was composed, played and recorded by Mystic Doorstep (artist name for Len)

Stream da Doorstep

Doorstep Radio is your gateway to Mystic Doorstep on Spotify, Deezer and Rdio. Listen to da music and help it to go viral :)

Dream I had – Banc Music ft Kyra Simone (Music Video)

Official Music Video for #BancMusic and their debut track 'Dream I Had ft #KyraSimone Directed by Paul R Walker Assisted and Cinematography by Alperen Emirzeoglu Produced by Eon Banc

Ruse Of Fools – The Flood

Honorable Mention at the 2010 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Animated music video for RUSE OF FOOLS - Directed and animated by Rémy M. Larochelle http://www.ourstage.com/epk/ruseoffools

John Peel BBC documentary part three

Third part of John Peel documentary, legendary BBC dj.

Elisa Jo – Natural Mystic ( Bob Marley)

Great cover of the classic Bob Marley song Natural Mystic by Elisa Jo

My Videozine reflects a quest for the best music videos with a focus on independent artists. All videos are hand-picked. Being an independent musician, I think it is also my task to promote other independent artists. To complete the video magazine, I also search for interesting and inspiring music documentaries and historic live concerts.