Mystic Doorstep EP Collection

Catch a Lightning Ray ~ Ice Queen Vampire ~ Under Your Spell ~ Save A Prayer ~ Make Music Not War ~ EP’s by Mystic Doorstep

Mystic Doorstep, a one-man band with DIY musician & singer-songwriter Len
“I describe my music as rock & groove. A combination of groovy drum & bass lines with melodies that flourish on a bed of guitars, organs, pianos, violins, horns and lyrics beyond the mystic doorstep.
I like the concept of an EP , to create a certain atmosphere and tell a (mystic) story in a few songs

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catch a lightning ray by mystic doorstepplay-mystic-doorstep-musicCatch A Lightning Ray 

Tracks: Catch a Lightning Ray  ~ Through the Looking Glass ~  Language of the Soul ~ Jazz Dem Jah ~ On a Sad String

The struggle of an artist who wants to catch a lightning ray


ice queen vampire by mystic doorstepplay-mystic-doorstep-musicIce Queen Vampire

Tracks:  Ice Queen ~ Vampire ~ Far Away  ~ Lullaby for Early Morning Hunters ~ Mystic Moon

Things that occur at full moon and  the light of day


Mystic Doorstep 0 Under Your Spell epplay-mystic-doorstep-musicUnder Your Spell

Tracks: Under Your Spell ~ Hanging on a Dream ~ Serene ~ Leaving Today ~ The Troubadours Alba

 The troubadour,  the muse, the spell, heaven,  hell,  serenity, swell


save a prayer - mystic doorstep-play-mystic-doorstep-musicSave A Prayer

Tracks: Save a Prayer ~ Dark End of the Day ~ Down the River ~ Desert Rose ~ Beneath the Waves 

 Some reflections on life, it’s meaning and other important matters


mystic doorstep - make music not war coverplay-mystic-doorstep-musicMake Music Not War

Tracks: Make Music Not War (123 music now) ~ Da Soul Dub ~ Dubbing on da Doorstep ~ Shake up the Nation ~ Dance of the Moai 

123 Music Now! Are you gonna take a stand or take a bow?

All songs written, performed and recorded by Len, sole member of Mystic Doorstep

Mystic Doorstep EP Collection  

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mystic doorstep ep collection