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Len the music man

The Best of Len (part 1 & 2)

The Best of Len is a double album with a collection of groovy songs I have made and recorded throughout the years.

The Best of Len Part One

On part One  I share my passion for reggae music. I’ve put reggae in the blender and present a delicious cocktail of my own interpretation of Dem Cool-I Rockers Sound….. .

The Best of Len Part Two 

On part two  I share my love for catchy tunes with a groove… I don’t limit myself to the reggae beats only. Although the starting point of my music is always the drum & bass on which the music flows and the melody grows ..

about Len The Music Man 
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The Siren’s Serenade, The Blues and the Muse

The story of the troubadour who sings his songs for the siren, his muse whose voice and beauty takes him to a mystic dreamland… and in the tradition of the medieval singer songwriters the Music Man travels around and plays his music… The troubadour’s alba at the dawn of day. Remember though, all that we see is a trick of the mind…