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Len, the story of a music man

I proudly present the complete collection of my albums and singles that I released so far with my one-man band Mystic Doorstep and as (reggae) dub producer Jah Len.

I hope you will have a listen to the albums and if you enjoy share them with your friends or consider a high quality download. I appreciate every type of support and feedback!

On 123MUSICNOW you will also find a large collection of music video’s.
Not only my self-made videos and road movies, but also my all time video top 200 with music and artists that inspire me. There is also a section where you find most of my lyrics, in case you want to sing along 🙂 . Last but not least. I will start a independent music blog with my reflections, news and other interesting stuff on being an independent music artist.

The Siren’s Serenade, The Blues and the Muse

The story of the troubadour who sings his songs for the siren, his muse whose voice and beauty takes him to a mystic dreamland… and in the tradition of the medieval singer songwriters the Music Man travels around and plays his music…
The troubadour’s alba at the dawn of day. Remember though, all that we see is a trick of the mind…
The Siren’s Serenade and  The Blues and the Muse  together form a double album

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download

The complete album collection

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