Mystic Doorstep Albums and EP’s

I proudly present the complete collection of Mystic Doorstep Albums & EP’s that are available for download and streaming. Mystic Doorstep is a one-man band with do-it-yourself musician and singer-songwriter Len

Mystic Doorstep Albums
Making music is not just a thing I like to do, I simply have to…
feel blessed to create my own songs. It is a beautiful creative process.
You start with nothing and days, weeks or  months later the song is there….

Mystic Doorstep Albums

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The Blues and the MuseAlong the WayLittle LennyCatchyTunes

The Blues and the Muse

The Troubadour’s alba at the dawn of day….. Mystic Doorstep takes you on an adventure with the troubadour. In the tradition of the old medieval singer songwriters he travels around and sings his songs for the lady of the castle….Remember though, all that we see is a trick of the mind… As soon as you pass the mystic doorstep, you’ll enter an imaginary world with sirens, vampires, ice queens and  muses…

The Blues and the Muse, The Siren won’t sing Today, A Trick of the Mind, The Music Man, The Ice Queen,  Vampire, Into the Ocean of Love, Beneath the Waves, Hanging on a Dream, The Troubadour’s Alba

Catchy Tunes


How to catch a tune? 10 attempts to write a catchy tune.. resulted in 10 songs that are dear to me.
Dark End of the Day, Under Your Spell, Dream Girl, No Night and Day, Catch a Lightning Ray, Wonderland,  Desert Rose, Little Lenny, Jazz dem Jah,  Eternal Shores

Mystic Doorstep EP’s

Along the Way

Little Lenny

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Are you coming along with me on my musical adventure? I hope you will enjoy the Mystic Doorstep albums and EP’s that are presented here. If you do, please spread the word and share my music with your friends.  Thanks in advance for your support!
Greets and Love,

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