Jah Len at the Controls

Jah Len at the Controls is my latest project with instrumental dub music. You can listen to the album on streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Music etc. After being a songwriter for quite some time, I like to explore a new territory: instrumental (dub) music. I don’t know yet where this path will lead me to, but I am full of inspiration to continue and search for new horizons.

Vampire in Wonderland

Vampire in Wonderland let’s you stare through the looking glass, but remember, all that we see is a trick of the mind. Vampire in Wonderland is a collection of grooves on which melodies grow. It contains 11 songs like Wonderland, Vampire, Lady Bright, The Ice Queen, Dream Girl and more. You can download the album as part of Len’s complete Bandcamp collection with a 25% discount!

The Loneliness of the Songwriter

The Loneliness of the Songwriter by Len is a magic-realistic story of a music man. It is a musical journey told in 14 songs . Alone with the rhythm, alone with the bass, alone with the music, the passion and grace….Alone with the silence, primordial beat of creation. are the opening words on the Loneliness of the Songwriter. He dwells in the corners of the mind, searching the words he’s not able to find. But words find their way and do come around, they groove on delay while embracing the sound.

Catchy Tunes

Catchy Tunes or how to catch a tune in a rocksteady reggae beat is a collection of groovy songs.  Len presents 7 attempts to do so 🙂 … .With rhythm as a starting point I put my musical ideas in the blender to create a delicious juicy cocktail of Dem Cool-I Rockers Sound. This album is exclusively available…