Mystic Doorstep is a one-man band with d.i.y musician and singer-songwriter Len
To create songs is not just a thing I like to do, I simply have to…

I feel blessed to create my own music. It is a beautiful process. You start with nothing and days, weeks or sometimes months later the song is there….I like to explore different kinds of music.

An album is never finished….

Making albums is for me a kind of work in progress. Albums are like moments in time but not in a linear time stretch. Songs can appear again on a next album in a different form or with a different sound…. everything evolves… there is no end…

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Catchy Tunes

Catchy Tunes is a collection of some of my favorite songs, ‘catchy tunes’ that are dear to me and it feels great to have them together on one album…



lenny new album by mystic doorstep Lenny

The song Little Lenny is based on a true story. I was about 4 years old and started to sing a song in a bakery shop, about a woman who flirts with every guy… And some bible belt ladies gave me an angry eye… It was the start of my musical career 🙂



Writing a song

I can’t think of a golden rule to write a song. It can start with a drumbeat sometimes or a baseline. Or there is a melody that lingers in your head. It’s just magic to see how songs grow out of a little intuition……


Writing lyrics is another challenge… To find the right words… the right rhythm and rhyme.. These lyrics have their own life. They are journeys inside myself…. Journeys beyond the mystic doorstep…

Recording music

The recording process is an adventure of it’s own. I record track by track and add vocals to it once the instrumental track is ready.