Len Music Man

Hi, I’m Len, a music man who writes, plays and records his own songs. I’m the founder of 123 Music Now Records. I publish my music under the names Len (songs) and LenV.dub (instrumental). 123 Music Now promotes independent music. I also offer a web hosting service for musicians and bands. How I describe my music? I try to catch grooves on which melodies grow. ..

The Loneliness of the Songwriter

The Loneliness of the Songwriter by Len is a magic-realistic story of a music man. It is a musical journey told in 14 songs . Alone with the rhythm, alone with the bass, alone with the music, the passion and grace….Alone with the silence, primordial beat of creation. are the opening words on the Loneliness of the Songwriter. He dwells in the corners of the mind, searching the words he’s not able to find. But words find their way and do come around, they groove on delay while embracing the sound.

Dark End of the Day

Will you ever go down into the town where the angels would kneel down and cry and tell the stories of the great wonder why The angel said: When you walk on the road of life you can see tears rolling by you feel sorrow and you feel joy Thousand mountains you climb never reaching your aim you’re…

Hanging on a Dream

I see some shapes around when my brain is thinking of nothing but a shiny dew and than you bang against my mind there must be something to find before it’s found… So don’t throw your soul away on this shady day take my breath away while i’m locked inside your walls Your time these minutes between Christmas…

The Loneliness of the Songwriter

Alone with the rhythm Alone with the bass Alone with the music The passion and grace Alone with the silence Primordial beat of creation We’re gonna move it all up Shake it all down We gonna jump together with our feet off the ground and we fly in the air like we just don’t care we leave our…