The Loneliness of the Songwriter

The Loneliness of the Songwriter by Len is a magic-realistic story of a music man. It is a musical journey told in 14 songs about inspiration, passion and grace. Alone with the rhythm, alone with the bass, alone with the music, the passion and grace….Alone with the silence, primordial beat of creation. are the opening words on the Loneliness of the Songwriter. He dwells in the corners of the mind, searching the words he’s not able to find. But words find their way and do come around, they groove on delay while embracing the sound.
Some of the song that you will find on the album are The Loneliness of the Songwriter, Dark End of the Day, The Troubadour’s Alba, Hanging on a Dream, Catch a Lightning Ray, The Blues and the Muse, The Siren won’t sing today and Language of the Soul

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Len Music Man

Len’s songs find their melodies and harmonies on a groovy bed of drum and bass and explore the 40 shades of rock ‘n roll…. Lyric wise you could describe Len as a dark romantic, a permanent sunset, a philosopher without a cause, and a rebel with a positive vibration…

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