The Loneliness of the Songwriter: Alone with the rhythm, alone with the bass, alone with the music, the passion and grace….Alone with the silence, primordial beat of creation.
the loneliness of the songwriter by len
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Len is a songwriter and independent musician

I compose music, write lyrics, play the instruments, sing the songs, record, edit and mix it…
What should I tell about my songs? A long story about how I create them? How melodies climb from the depths of the soul to the strings of my guitar and the keys of my piano?
I think the songs speak for themselves. If you want to learn more about the ‘loneliness of the songwriter’ Be so gentle to download the tracks or listen to them on one of the many streaming services.

One Love,

“The Loneliness of the Songwriter” by Len

Alone with the rhythm
Alone with the bass
Alone with the music
The passion and grace
Alone with the silence
Primordial beat of creation …

The songwriter dwells
in the corners of the mind
chasing the words
he’s not able to find

but words find their way
and do come around
they groove on delay
when embracing the sound