The Siren Won’t Sing Today (lyrics) – Mystic Doorstep

The siren used to come out and play
like a muse she’d showed the way
her songs blew the night away
and gave birth to a brighter day

Slowly. slip sliding away
it led the senses allay
like a flower in a field of may
like a soul on all saint’s day

Now the shores are full of hearsay
about the siren stranded today
how the sun turned her into clay
and the siren won’t sing today

Stranded today
on the sand she’ll lay
like a flower in may
that was blown away

Rolling away
no more songs to play
the siren
won’t sing today

she won’t sing today
the siren won’t sing today

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About Len

Len is an independent musician and the sole member of the one-man's band Mystic Doorstep. He writes, plays and records his own music.

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  • To make music is not just a thing I like to do, I simply have to. I feel blessed to create my own songs.